Best solutions for Commercial Roofs

Restore your commercial roof with elastomeric acrylic roof coating solutions. This method can prevent your roof from further oxidation, secure those loosening seems causing leaks, and offer 85% solar reflectivity. Get the energy efficiency of a new roof at a fraction of the cost!

Elastomeric Acrylic Coating
Benefits and Installation Process

Save money and energy by converting your roof to a white, reflective, long-lasting surface.

With an SRI value of 110 vs aged roofs of 50 or less, you benefit from a longer-lasting roof solution.

Our coatings can adhere to almost any roof surface and quickly fix leaks and provide years of service.

Inspiring Before & Afters

Roofs Restored has saved business owners hundreds of thousands of dollars restoring commercial roofs with elastomeric acrylic coating solutions. We have seen rusted, leaking roofs transformed into reflective, energy-efficient, white roofs.
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Benefits of Elastomeric Actylic Coatings

Unlike other coatings, elastomeric coatings will bend and flex with the movement of your structure, and also not crack and chip from weathering.

Liquid applied coatings seep into small cracks, creating a complete seal across your entire roof. And obviously, the hydrophobic nature of the coating keeps moisture and water from entering your structure.

Elastomeric coatings are denser than traditional paints or most other sealants. The IB Roof coatings we use also outperform other industry standards.

Because of its UV resistance, flexibility, and denser grade than other competitors, these systems can last longer in the brutal elements.

More Commercial ROOF OPTIONS

We also offer elastomeric acrylic coating roof solutions for commercial roofs. You can learn more about those by clicking below:

Membrane Systems

Membrane Systems

Membrane Systems

Membrane Systems

Membrane Systems

Membrane Systems

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